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Tips and Tricks on Building – How to Improve your Building

Tips and Tricks on Building – How to Improve your Building

Hey guys, I’m sure we all had that feeling: Wow! I wish I could build like him! That tingling feeling of jealousy just grows up in you. I’m no pro at building, but I sure can give you guys tips on how to improve your building. Alright, let’s be honest. Some people are bad at it and will never build like the pros. However, it is very possible for you to improve and get the motivation and confidence you need. So, I’ve decided to write a guide on building, one of my favourite things to do in Minecraft.


1. Planning
Yes, we all know that you’re excited to get straight into building. However, every good build starts with a base, a plan. After years of building, I’ve discovered that planning ahead of time makes things easier. Why should you plan ahead? Well, that way, you know what you’re doing. You can estimate the time and effort needed to complete a build. It may even speed up the process. You don’t need to think when you run out of ideas, it’s already all planned!


Planning is simple and easier than it sounds. Draw a quick sketch of your building, it doesn’t need to be pretty. Google some images to get some inspiration. There are also other ways to plan besides drawing if you hate it. You can build frames, which is my personal favourite way of planning. Here’s an example:



2. Adding variety, detail, and depth
What makes an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind building different than the boring ones? Three words: variety, detail, and depth. Variety in a building can be many things: creating new shapes, using different blocks and colours, having a distinct building style, etc. You need to make it so that your building isn’t just any regular cube. This is where details come in. Having flat walls is plain boring to look at. You need to add details to it, use uncommon items in Minecraft to create some sort of pattern. Here’s an example:


Having flat walls is ugly


Adding details is much more interesting


Now let’s talk about depth. Like I said before, your build can’t just be any regular cube. You need to have interesting and unique shapes, different and even unusual. Trust me, it makes it look a whole lot better. Also, in most of my builds, I like to make it asymmetrical. It makes the shape look better in most cases, but sometimes it’s best to stick to symmetrical builds. Also, it may be easier to plan symmetrical buildings out.



4. Constantly ask for feedback
When I build, especially on a server or with my building team, I always ask for feedback, especially negative ones. Why? Because, by listening to other people’s opinions, you can improve your build along the process. One of my many goals in building something is to make people like it. So, you can’t be arrogant and narrow-minded and get mad every time someone doesn’t like your build. (Trust me, I’ve seen a lot of people like that.) If you ask people to judge your builds, you will improve much faster. Remember, your build needs to be interesting to look at. You’re building for the people also, not only for you.


5. Finishing touches: Landscaping and Interior
This part may get boring sometimes, but the effort put into this step is worth it. This part of your building process is extremely important. It’s basically the cherry on top of your ice cream sundae. Every single build, even the most ugly ones, look so much better when there’s landscaping and when it has an interior. Any building, even the best ones, look horrible on flat land. Adding variety to the land, hills, mountains, trees, etc. It all makes it look better. It gives it a good first impression. Also, the interior is important too. When you look at an amazing build, sometimes you wonder what’s inside of it, you want to go in. This is where the interior comes in. Furnish the rooms, you can even add variety, detail, and depth inside of the house, on the ceilings and the walls.


6. Never give up
I know, building huge projects gets really boring sometimes. Also, sometimes you think that using up time to build this horrible building isn’t worth it. However, you must have this mindset. The more you build, the better. Reading this guide won’t get you any better. Practicing and applying these tips that I gave you will make you improve. Think of the end result when you finish a time consuming build. Use that confidence in yourself to give you the motivation to continue building!

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